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My ultimate goal in life is to comfort others who are dealing with the loss of a loved ones. I Basically want to show you that there is a positive in grieving. This is a tall task, a very tall task. I’m a very sensitive soul, I can sense others negativity. Not just anyone though, mostly people that I know or work with. I want to share my experiences with you like I have in previous blog posts. I want to show you that it’s ok to grieve.

My original idea was for this blog was to do that. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me like that. My previous posts took a toll on me and dug up all the sad feelings I have, and always will. It made others upset for me and maybe made some not want to read it, and that is ok. I had to step back and take all those comments with a grain of salt. I re read my previous posts and said to myself, “man that is depressing”….

So here I am on this rainy day quarantined to a spare room cause of the flu (medicine helps) writing to you because I felt inspired after watching this video on YouTube. It’s a little long but worth it. My mom was and his my hero. It’s amazing how much I learned through her… I live my day through her. Enjoy the video and keep smiling



Another bittersweet day

Today is my oldest daughters 5th birthday. Where does time go? It was like yesterday when I first held her in my arms. It was like yesterday when I gave her her first bath, It was like yesterday when I held in her in a her room signing to her for the first time.  I miss those “baby” days.  I miss those cozy baby cuddles when she didn’t  “talk back”.  I miss those times.  As they say they grow up fast.  I now have full conversations with her. She is a Christmas geek just like me and up until a few weeks ago she is totally a weather geek like me. 

Today is a day to celebrate, a day to remember those baby days. It’s a day to celebrate the 5 wonderful years of my baby girl.   For me it is bittersweet.  It’s also another birthday that my mom won’t be here to celebrate with her. Yes, I know she is here spiritually but, Having Grandma here to celebrate would be spectacular.  My baby girl didn’t get to meet my mom, but for some reason I know she knows she’s around.  She may not realize it being so young but my mom is guiding her and watching her every move, just like she does with me. Trust me, my mom can and could do it all.  It’s as if she had super powers. She would have givin the world to my girls. She would have spoiled them wrotten.  That’s What Grandmas do……   

I see how BeeMa is around them and it makes me smile. I know she try’s her dardness to keep them smiling. I’m grateful for my girls to have her here.  I’m glad my girls are able to see what grandmas are for. To spoil and love there grandchildren unconditionally and also help out the parents a lot .  Thank you Beemaa. 😉❤️.
So today I will have a heavy heart. Today I will be a little more sad than I usually am. Most of all today I will celebrate my daughters birthday and remember that my mom is right by our sides celebrating with us and smiling as much as she can.   Maybe she is spoling them spiritually?  Can that happen?  Guess I ll never know….


My mom part deux

It really sucks that my mom isn’t here. As I get older it seems to effect me more. I don’t have her to turn to for Adult advice.  I mean she hasn’t been here for almost 18 years, and you would think I would have needed her more when I was younger.   Maybe it’s cause my kids are getting older and now starting school….  maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older and I don’t have her to talk to about random shit.  Maybe it’s because she isn’t here to say “ya done good son” even though I know she is saying it. But hearing it and thinking it, is two totally different things.   

My mom isn’t phyically here, but she’s here with me.  I always remeber her from a picture I took of her in her uniform (911 dispatcher ) standing in the door way of her room mid conversation haha.  That made me smile!!   I miss my mom and I feel for those you have lost a parent no matter what age you are. It still sucks, I’m here for you and I always feel a connection even if I don’t know you. I started this blog to help myself grieve and also try to reach others who are grieving.  I also feel like I would like to be a grief counselor of some sort…. I donno, maybe I’m just meant to write this blog and tell stories of how I grieve and how I sense spirit.   What do think?

There is one that really bothers me about not having my mom here on earth.  It’s when someone talks negatively about there mother.  I get it, some don’t have good relationships with their mothers, and some don’t talk to their mothers at all.  The ones that do please be aware that some of us have had our mothers pass on and be respectful of that.  There was a time when someone said a “yo momma joke” to me and I took offense to it.  The person obviously didn’t know my mom had passed but it still really bothered me and I got defensive.  So please be respectful.

I have been following a blog recently who has  inspired  me to keep writing and telling my story, since it’s been a while since I wrote.  I suggest you follow her and read about how she grieves with the loss of her mom #grieftohope

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.   I ll leave you with this quote, since you know how much I love following @thegoodqoute



Post from the beach

As I sit here chillaxin (chillin and relaxin) 😬. I was thinking about how happy I am with my life right now.  Starting this blog as made me realize that I don’t need the therapy I  was always in need of.  I always told my counselor that I spoke with that I didn’t want to be in therapy for the rest of my life.  I found my out, The blog is my out.  In the beginning it was tough. All the feeling resurfacing and sad memories. It did change my mood, this is one of the reasons why I took my break from posting.

Of course I have my days like anyone else does, but I am truly happy with my life. I love where we live now and I am such a proud father to my 2 beautiful girls and my best friend and wife are always on the same page. My cousin the guy continues to keep pushing to post what I feel and don’t worry about anything else. So here I am on the beach with my family and her friend who is visiting us writing to you to say continue living your life. Your loved ones would not want it any other way. Continue remembering them they way you are. Remember the happy times you had with them.  If you are having a tough time right now please take a look back at my recent posts to see what I went through in the past years, and you ll see how I got where I am.

I want to thank all of you that read my blog. Weather it is just one post or all of them.  It means the world to me to know that I’m getting the word out there. Continue keeping those happy memories with you all the time and know that your loved ones are always with you everyday.  My mom is by my side 99 percent of the time. Trust me 😉😬. Until next time live laugh love


There is even grief in paradise

3 Benefits of Grieving 

Grieving can be a sucky process.


But sitting with your fearful, lower-energy feelings is beneficial.




I have seen – and experienced – 3 distinct benefits of grieving.


First off, a little backstory.


Many folks know me as the Blogging From Paradise guy. Smiling. Clowning. Island hopping. The “always happy” guy.


But even though I have shared my struggles, few folks know that like any human being, I have experienced some dark days and had to grieve my way through these circumstances.


My mom is currently in hospice after a 5 year bout with Alzheimmer’s. Even though she is still in her mortal coil I had to grieve the loss of her personality, her energy, her memory and virtually every aspect of her existence over the past half decade, and as she has regressed in hospice, she has all but lost her body too.


This process is not particularly pleasant at times. Crying, screaming, punching pillows, or sometimes, feeling out depressive, powerful feelings is like receiving an colonoscopy from a doctor who prefers using a spiked mace to get the job done.


But on the other side of your grieving lies blessed healing. One grieving session at a time.


As my cousin Tom says, there really can be good grievings.


Let’s look at 3 benefits of grieving.


1: Dissolving Depression


Grieving helped me dissolve depression.


I went through a few stages in my life of a fairly deep, dark depression. Staying in bed for weeks. Suicidal thoughts. A general malaise, like a big old black cloud over my head, following me around.


Grieving – through crying, or yellowing, or sobbing, or just being with my lower energy feelings, until said feelings passed – helped me dissolve the predominant, yolk-like feeling of depression.


If you feel debilitated by depression, take a deep breath. Relax just a little bit. Begin to slowly grieve whatever loss you feel.


Although you probably want to speak to a licensed specialist if you feel lost in a dark, depressive abyss this simple practice of being with your grief can begin to dissolve your depressive feelings.


2: Improves Your Physical Health


Grieving properly improved my physical health immensely.


I had always been a workout nut. But grieving helped me clear out some lower energies that needed clearing so I could workout and rest from a higher energy space.


Grief is like an energetic yolk. If you release the yolk by feeling the loss of what you grieve you will energize yourself for your workouts, whether you are walking, jogging, running or hitting the gym.


Don’t fool yourself; you can’t outrun your grief, no matter how much you try to outrun it by working out like a beast. You can’t get over what’s still in you. Meaning, it’s OK to workout to dissolve stress or to burn off some lower energy steam but you need to get to the core of your grief, by feeling it, to clear it out and to reap the physical benefits of embracing and releasing your grief.


3: Grief Is A Gift To Share With The World


Tom teaches you that grief is a gift to share with the world, to show you that you can still live your dreams even if you have suffered devastating losses.


So many individuals who may have not lost loved ones to death are still grieving other things or people in their lives. You can literally grieve over anything, or anyone.


Knowing this, sharing your good grievings, and how you are learning to process and release these energies will inspire other folks to feel their grief.


Being a world traveler, we do a terrible job in the Western world with grieving. Many people in Eastern or African cultures refer to Westerners as the Walking Dead. And I ain’t talking about the TV show.


We are slowly learning *not* to walk around in a grief-induced, depressive, lower-energy state. We are learning that healing can occur from the inside-out when you let loose, relax, and are present with your feelings. We are leanring that true power and strength is had in feeling pain, crying out fears or just being present with a super shitty day, versus seeking distractions or resisting these feelings in some way, shape or form.


Feeling your grief and sharing your stories with the world gives other Westerners and folks from all over the globe permission to feel their pain and fears, so they, too can be the beneficiaries of good grievings.


Your Turn


Are you feeling your grief?


What benefits of grieving have you experienced?


About the Author


Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

Sensing Spirit 

I believe this is what has been holding me back from writing more.  The fear of what I am about to write about. I shouldn’t say fear because it’s all in my mind. It’s just me holding myself back.  I don’t really care what people think, but when it comes to a sensitive subject like this for some reason I do.  As you know from reading my post about Eddie I have a heightened sense of spirit.  I’m not crazy, I’m not abnormal for being like this, heck everyone has the ability to sense spirit. There maybe some individuals out there right now that are in the same position I’m in and don’t wanna say anything cause they aren’t sure.  Well this post is for you my friend.  Tell someone, it may just help you.

Going back to my story about Eddie and what felt like a conversation with him actually being here. That made me realize that this is real, and that I can feel the presence of spirit.  There are two that are around almost all of the time. One is Eddie who I miss a little more this month since our birthdays were a day after each other. The Second one is my god sister Amanda. Those 2 are the main ones around me all the time. Protecting me and watching over me.  They say there is a “witching hour” between 3-5 am. I can’t tell you how many times I have been awoken between these times. I’m awake now because of work but I would say 5 out of 7 days I wake up between these times.  I do fall back to sleep but it takes time.

This may sound funny but I do talk to them sometimes. Sometimes I just acknowledge that they are around and go about my day. They are close to me now as I write this post. It’s a stronger presence, maybe because I’m finally writing about it, I don’t know.  As I mentioned I did do a reading with a physic medium and was told that I’m not  the type of person who would be able to handle helping others with senseing there loved ones. I was told I wouldn’t be able to handle the emotions.  I disagree with that because I as I stated I feel like I’m here to help others.  I love to comfort others in time of need, even if they aren’t looking for it.  It goes back to that sayingThis  couldn’t be more of the truth.  I never knew the relationship I have with my Cousin (the blogging from paradise guy) would be as strong as it is today. We could go a month without talking, and have a convo as if we just spoke the day before.  I have another friend that I text with almost every day  who was there for me in a time of need when my sister passed.  We could just talk shit to one another that makes no sense but that’s what friends do right. People come and people go in life, but you all know the ones that you can reach out to and will be there, even if it’s been a while that you haven’t spoke.

Back to my story, during my reading I was told specifically to pay attention to my spirit guides. I haven’t been more clear since I started to do this.  I’m a thinker, I think everything happens for a reason, which it does and some of you may not believe this.  I almost always ask my spirit guides a yes or no question about a specific topic that just happened.  Everyone has spirit guides and with my heightend senses maybe it works better for me. If you think I’m a crazy guy then so be it.  This may be helping someone, which is the purpose of this blog anyway.  These are my #goodgrievings. It’s my life and after Eddie passed it has opened me up to a whole new spiritual life I didn’t know I had.   I’m not talking spiritual life like I go to church every week and sing praise.  I’m a normal guy who has a heightened sense of spirit. It’s comforting, knowing that I have watchers….  until next time live, laugh, love goodgrievings 



Blogging is tough

It’s me again, I’m back!! Noone ever told me that blogging would be easy.  I mean I thought it would be since I’m writing about my life and all the crap I have been through, both good and bad.  Blogging is hard, it’s hard when you first start off. For the last couple of weeks I was thinking I ran out of things to blog about. Even though I was writing to help you, and myself it was bringing up those feelings. Sad, angry feelings.  It wasn’t that I was angry or sad but my mood seem to change.  It is probably because I’m digging up those feelings that I have and had from the loss of my mom and sister.   It’s ALL ok though.  It’s ok to feel it.  I had a convo with my cousin the other night, ya may know him. (The blogging from paradise guy) Ryan Himself.  He brought me down to earth and reiterated that it is all ok!!!!   Even with me writing and telling you it’s all ok, sometimes I have to be told the same thing.  

Grieving is something we all have got to deal with.  17 years and now 8 years today after my mom and sister died I’m still grieving in a way.  So I’m back to continue to tell you ITS ALL OK.   I have a heavy heart today.  Today marks the day 8 years ago that I lost my little sister to a heart attack.  Who would have ever thought at 25 something could happen to someone  that young.  Unfortunately it did and it’s a part of life. It’s the hand I was dealt.  So I ll truck on with my day knowing she is at peace and smiling down on me. I know she is proud of me for what I have accomplished and have done with my life so far. I ll take all these good grievings with me today, her memories her crazy self and awesome smile and know that she is always with me. 

So my friends, take the memories of your lossed loved ones with you everyday. They will help to get through the tough times. Focus on them and smile when you remember the good times. That’s what I will be doing today and everyday.  It’s the easy way to make you remember all the fun you had together.  Smile on and live laugh love


Signs from above 

I wanted to share a part of my day from yesterday. Signs from your loved ones are all around you. I notice them often and I don’t believe in coincidence. In one of my recent posts about MY MOM I mentioned dimes being a sign I see all the time in random places. I was at the beach last weekend and a small little butterfly flew right passed me while I was in the ocean. I mean come on, I rarely see a butterfly in the ocean. These signs are around to let you know your loved ones are watching and are with you.
Yesterday at work was a rare 3 for 3 sign day. I started at a new store a few days ago as I work In retail. I found a shirt still in plastic that had the name of my company on it. These shirts we can order for us to where and are free to us. Anyway, the size shirt was my size and earlier in the day I was saying to myself “I need to order some new shirts” later on that day I was helping a customer and there was a password that came up that I had to enter to move forward. In that password my moms initials CB and my sister initials KT for Katie where apart of the the PW. They were right after each other. I didn’t realize it at first but read it again and a smile came to my face. The last sign was later that night a girl walked into the store. I saw her a few times walking around the store but didn’t notice until she checked out that she resembled my god sister (I talk about her in my last post (living my life). The girls face was similar and had the same piercing on her face as my Godsister did.

Signs are everywhere. Open up yourself and notice them. They are around you for a reason. Another sign of good grievings! Take those memories of your loved ones with you all the time. Keep smiling 😃 Until next time live laugh love

Living my life

When tradegy strikes your whole world gets flipped upside down. Especially if it’s a parent like my mom or a sibling like my sister. It’s so easy to just slip into the darkness and  tuck yourself away.  It’s so easy to give up.  Trust me I have been in the darkness.  I have been there where the anxiety takes over and you feel like you can’t handle it.  It took a lot of help to get me where I am today. Everyone grieves, everyone!! There is no such thing as someone saying. O my mom died I’m good I won’t grieve.  It doesn’t work like that friends.

Fast forward 4 years after my mom passed. I met my future wife. That’s where life changed, I flipped the switch,  Happiness took over.  Don’t get me wrong I was still going through the grieving process, but the happiness out weighed the negative.  Now I have my girlfriend, friends, a job and poker every so often. So even though I was content with being happy I had still sought the help I needed. I things I needed to learn to keep this happiness from fading.   I was so nervous that it wouldn’t last.  That I would screw it up cause I couldn’t deal with my mom not being around.  The counseling I received helped me with all this.  It took a long time to understand that all of what had happened 4 years before was all for a reason. 2 years went by and it was time to leave the house I grew up in.  It was hard to leave the house, but I knew that if I wanted to move forward it’s what had to be done.
We moved into our apartment and started a new life, our life.  Happiness out weighed the negativity.  You are probably asking yourself, how is the guy able to handle and enjoy life like this, after losing his mother they way he did?  My answer,  I sought the help I needed to be happy.  If you think you can do it on your own, then do it!  (There may be a few) but seeking the help you need is the best option hands down.  I still seek help today.  I get help through this blog. I get help through the comments I receive from family and friends that read the blog.  I need to shoutout my cousin right here. Ryan ( has been an inspiration to me through this all. He has always been there through thick and thin.  He is one of the reasons I was able to start this whole blog thing, and I’m grateful to him. Seek help Seek help Seek help.  It works.  Weather you talk to someone you know, or a complete stranger. Just try it!  You won’t know until you do. 

2-3 years pass and the topic of moving came up. I didn’t want to have nothing to do with it.  I always said I would never move from NJ. I swept it under the rug….  Well, the topic wasn’t going away. I had to face the fact that we were actually going to move.  Of course all the anxiety came back and the fear of change. Long story short we were moving after our wedding.  My in laws were already out in Arizona and we were gonna start fresh. As we were planning our wedding and our honey moon and our move all at the same time, my sister passed away. (You can read about this in the MY SISTER post) Back into the grieving process.  Just when I thought I was in acceptance that my mom was no longer here nerely 9 years later it starts all over again. The plans never changed on the moving part and of course we were still getting married. So I had to deal with it. Just as I dealt with my mom passing. The next 2 months went by in a flash.  We got married 6 weeks after my sister died- went on our honeymoon- packed up our apartment- and moved across country all in 3 weeks. Through all this I’m still trying to deal with the loss of my sister.  Grieving doenst stop.  It’s a part of life. It’s a part of who we are. We grieve when people die!  

The hotland AKA Arizona life was great. Well not at first, we did move there without jobs, but hey take risks right?  We got jobs, we had a house built we started a family, We enjoyed all of it. It was an experience to say the least.  4 years into our “hotland” life my father in law lost his short battle with cancer. Here comes the grief all over again. The process has been different every time. I feel like I grieve happier now. Hence “good grievings”. I take the memories of my loved ones with me”. My wife and I live our life through him. We reminisce about his funny sayings and his love of #rocknroll. Even though we knew it, this whole experience put it in perspective. You only live once, and if you aren’t happy, you are the only one to change it. A year after my father in law passed we started talking about moving again. The Hotland became to hot for us. Not only that, we needed the beach, and a better overall life. Since we moved cross country once, why not do it again? So we pointed at the map and landed on North Carolina. I’m just kidding obviously. Anyway we talked and talked some more about NC. My wife did all the research and was probing around on sites to get as much information as we could.  We decided we needed to visit. In the midst of planning the visit. Another loved one  had passed away. My courageous god sister passed away after her long battle with cancer. Now this hit home in a different way.  A way in witch I didn’t grieve for myself. I grieved for my god parents and brother.  I flew to NJ to be there for them. To help them through what I could. The trip went by super fast. I got home and it hit me. The emptiness of my God sister not being here and all the memories of my sister resurfacing.  I didn’t take time for myslef when she died. I went straight to help others.  I do this often now.  It could be a complete stranger and I feel compelled to reach out to them and say you are not alone.  I feel like I have to be the one to give them a hung and  tell them to keep going. Keep living your life.

We visited NC in April last year and absolutely fell in love with it. This was the place we needed to be. So now the job search. I couldn’t find squat lol. Not even a call back. I finally got an interview with the company I was at in Arizona but they said no in NC. Now we are like ok maybe it wasn’t meant to be for us to live there. In December of last year, right before Christmas I landed an interview from a company I worked for for 7 years before. I got hired the same day as my interview.  I wasn’t even going to apply for it, but I did cause I had nothing to lose. So we are moving. We had a month to pack and go.  I finally was able to give my notice at the current job. It was what I was wanting to do since we left from our North Carolina visit.  Imagine knowing you are going to quit a job to move but couldn’t until everything aligned. Crazy right?   We are Crazy- but you have to be. You have to “break the rules” as my cousin who I mentioned above states in his featured blog post on We prepared for months and decluttered the house. That’s how serious we were about getting out😉

We finally did it, We got to NC. We have been here 5 months and as I sit here writing to you I asked my wife. How would you rate living here? She’s says a 10 without even flinching.  Never in my right mind would I have thought I would have moved across country 2 times.  It’s great to be at a place you are happy with.  If you aren’t happy then what the points.  You see folks,  I’m telling my story to you to show you that through all the tragedy I endoured I chose to live positively. I chose to get help, I chose to get out of the darkness.  I would have missed out on a lot if I didn’t huh?  Good Grievings is all of this. Yes it’s taking those memories of your loved ones with you. It’s also living your life through your loved ones. Reminiscing about them and their sayings or thier music.  Talking about them often even if it brings tears to your eyes.  It’s ok! It’s all ok.  You too can do what I did and continue to do.  All you need to do is remember what I have been through and be open to what this world has in store for you.   I wanted to share this awesome quote from a friend that I have know for years. It hits the nail on the head. It’s called a Beautiful gift. Thank you Renee 😀👍