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July 17, 2020

We all grieve differently

Posted in: Healing

It’s easy to say “just get over it” or “ you’ll be ok” or “move on” to someone grieving. Yes, we will be ok in time, but damn, have some compassion. Even when a celebrity dies, it affects us. I, like many of us were in a shock when Kobe and his sweet daughter perished.

Below you will read a post from a guy I know who will take you through some experiences he has had with death. Celebrities that have affected him and also someone very close to him. We all grieve, and we all grieve in different ways. There isn’t a “correct” way to grieve, but we ALWAYS get through. Click on the link below for a post from Bryan Taylor. Be well Everyone

  1. You got this right T. I felt horrible after Kobe and his daughter passed. We all attach to specific people. Seeing these folks die can be tough to embrace, as we grieve their passing. No one way or flavor of grief exists. Wise words here. Love ya.


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