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June 29, 2020

Sibling loss

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My sister died, 11 years ago on 6/28/09. That still sounds strange to say.  For a while I was hard on myself because I never really felt the heartache I had when other close relatives that passed. I would always ask myself, Why don’t I have the heartache and pain of losing my sister?  Maybe it was our strained relationship that we had after my mom died. It could also be that I feel she has reincarnated and isn’t really in the spiritual world.  How awesome would that be?  Can that happen? I believe so.  

The one bright spot I have about our relationship was that as we started getting older we grew closer together.  The sad part is, once we were getting along like a brother and sister did she passed.  I sometimes forget she died, as if I didn’t have a sister at all.  I know that sounds horrible but your feelings are your feelings.  We can control them though, so after a few years I started to accept that the heartache wasn’t as strong.  Maybe all my heartache was taken up by my mom passing, I really don’t know.  Maybe I’ll meditate on that idea 😉

The times it really is the hardest is on her birthday and anniversary, but I know she is still with me in some sorts. I don’t really feel her around like I do some. I haven’t had any interactions with her in the spirit world. I have had some of those and it is super interesting just to type out. I wrote about one of those in particular here Enjoy!

Have you encountered drastically different heartache with close relatives that have died? I would love to hear your story. 

I had an intuitive reading done by my friend and former coach Barbara Brinkley-Whitford.  In that reading My sister and my Mom are in a distance standing together, while my dad (who the reading was really about) was roaming around in the spirit world like a kid in a new playground. My sister when I do feel her around is always the same way. Just standing still and tall. Almost like the picture below.  My dad wasn’t how he was before he passed. He was young and vibrant and full of energy. My dad was so happy and just full of joy, not to be in pain. That is one of the things that comforts me.

My mom looked like I remembered her. In her work uniform still and smiling. My mom is always around me just like my dad is too.  The only other person that is around all the time is my Birthday buddy and father in law Eddie.  Man what a soul he is and was. He would have given the shirt off his back for anyone.  He is why I am the person I am today spiritually and gifted.  He made me aware of my gifts and strengths in the spirit world, even though he had already passed away.

I miss them all, and I hope by you reading this you know you’re not alone in grief. You have plenty of support, starting right here with me.  Be well my friends.

How I remember My sister
How I remember my sister 3-30-84 ~ 6-28/09

  1. Hi Cuz,

    Glad to hear all the fam is well in the spirit world. We grieve, feel sad and mourn, but also know the Dalai Lama’s quote: “Dying is like changing clothes.” The soul changes clothes from a human experience to a different experience. Blog and posts are looking great dude!


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