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June 26, 2020

2 things that help me get through

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Imagine walking/running around wearing a 50 pound weighted vest.       Then, imagine walking/running around without that heavy weighted vest on. That is the difference between a clear mind and an unclear mind.  These words  aren’t mine, they are from this guy (my cousin) Ryan from but they resonate to the 1st thing I do to help me get through.  Meditation!  It helps me think more clear, lessons my anxiety and keeps me in the now.

At first I would say “I can’t do that” “it doesn’t help me” “my mind wonders”  The crazy think about all that BS is, it’s not true  I can do it, It does help me, and my mind wonders, but it’s supposed to. There are so many different mediations you can do. There are different apps you can download. has a bunch you can listen to for free. After you click that link search for Goodgreivings and see my first ever interview I conducted =)  Meditation works, It keeps you so clear that you can see others in a different way. For me it has helped me control mind my. I think more rational, rather jumping at the first thing that comes to my mind.  I have become a better leader at my job. I am more focused on decisions I make at work and home. I still do get a bit indecisive at times, but who doesn’t.

Meditation was really easy for me to start doing, once I really focused on it. That and I also started working with Barbara She is one of the most influential souls I have ever met. I will forever be grateful to her for what she taught me. If you are stuck and need guidance especially with meditation, look Barbara up.  I for one love guided meditations, they help me focus easier. I still use the ones Barbara sent me today. I do try to do my own and it helps but I don’t get into the other realm like I do with the guided meditations.

The 2nd thing that helps me get through is really really deep breaths in and  exhales out.  Sounds crazy I know, (don’t do them fast cause you’ll get dizzy) but it works.  Think of something that is either really important to you or something that makes you happy. Take a deep breath in with that thought. On your exhale out think of something that is waying you down or making you anxious, then exhale it out.   TRY IT: A couple times, then finish reading

How did that make you feel? more clear? less stress? less anxious?  I bet it did some good.  These things aren’t cures for anxiety and stress, but they do good for the short term.  The other good thing is, they are always there for you to use.  You can do this breathing technique while going to work, or school or to a job interview that you may be nervous about.

I would love to hear feedback on what you do to relieve stress and anxiousness. Maybe it’s something I could start doing.

Keep breathing and clearing your mind, We control everything we put in it, no one else does, Be Well.

  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout cuz. We have many awesome tools at our command and helpful mentors for guidance, to get through any tough situation. I love watching you and your blog grow, evolve and expand. Fabulous 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    I have started using essential oils recently! They have helped to reduce my anxiety significantly over the last couple of months! I also find journaling helps!

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