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May 23, 2020

Grieving in public is therapy

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I was on a podcast on April 18th, a day before my Dad passed away. On the podcast I spoke about the losses I have endured throughout my life. I spoke to the guys about the things that have gotten me through. The breathing techniques, the meditation etc. It is easier said than done of course, but those are the things that have helped me. Also on the podcast the video below was talked about. The video talks about Patton Oswalt (comic and TV star) and how he lost his Wife and how he handles grief. I have listened to this video about 20 times and each time the things he says and quotes resonate so much to me, on how I feel about grief. Grief can make you sick, grief can take over your body. You have to acknowledge grief! Some of the quotes that he states are

“if you mock it, you can manage it” Todd Glass via Patton Oswalt

“Grief can’t be remedied, it can only be endured”

Grief can’t be fixed, it can be only experienced” 

“Put grief where you want it to be”

Grief will be experienced by everyone at some point, it is inevitable. It is apart of life, and a pretty sucky part of life to be frank. Grief makes you feel different almost everyday. Just when you think you are good, you really aren’t. Something so small can be a trigger. Those triggers can be handled, but it takes practice. The best way to handle grief is to get OUT of your own head…. Now that is where meditation comes into play. For me it makes me think more clearly, and lessons my anxiety.

 Check out the video below, it’s only about 6 minutes and worth the listen.

Be well my friends and take care of yourself.

Patton Oswalt on grief

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