The Most Valuable thing Learned

I recently was asked a question by one of my new followers this past week that really stumped me.  I really had to think about my answer, even though after I got my answer I said to myself I should have known that.

The question was, What was the most Valuable thing you have learned on your grief journey?   My reply was how much I learned from my Mom in the short 18 years  we had together. Its kinda like If you knew what you knew now back then, things would be different, but you live and you learn.  Its amazing how much you absorb from your parents both good and bad that you don’t realize it until you are older.

I look back and think about all the shit had to handle and all the things I had to make decisions on. I think about it and realize maybe my Mom was living with in me and subconsciously helping me make those decisions…. Since I know she wasn’t ready to die and leave her boy alone in this world. Or maybe it was just me and how I picked up on the things my mom did while she was on this earth.  All I know is that I still have tough decisions to make in life and I know somewhere out there my mom is smiling down saying good job “BUD”

2 questions for you that I would love to find out the answers to

What was your most valuable lesson or thing you have learned on your grief or life journey?

What was one question you were asked to answer that stumped you?

I would love to hear from you.

If I get enough responses I would love to make it into another blog post

Answer away