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October 22, 2019

Practicing meditation reduced my anxiety

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If you have tried everything in this world to lesson your anxiety and you can’t grasp why you still feel the way you do, try meditating. When I started meditating 10 weeks ago my anxiety dropped off drastically. I now have the tools to make me gain more clarity and think without reacting to negative situations so quickly. There are plenty of guided meditations on YouTube you can search for. I prefer guided meditations, because it keeps me in the moment, although I have started to try to meditate on my own (not the easiest transition).

I also wanted to thank everyone who listened to my latest podcast over the weekend. I love putting my story and experiences out there for everyone to read and listen to. We all go through shit and I want others to know that you aren’t alone, and don’t have to go through life angry and depressed. That’s why I’m here starting my Intuitive grief coaching to help you gain more clarity. To help you get those feelings out in a private environment. To help you understand that it is ok to smile and be happy while grieving. I will be offering my coaching to anyone interested please feel free to email me at for more information.

I’m in this with you,

Here is the link to the podcast

  1. Great to see you meditating and keeping up with it. Sitting and observing our feelings helps us become aware; we are not the body, or mind, or thoughts and feelings. We just observe or watch it all. This creates that peace of mind you are experiencing. Keep going down this path. You’re gonna love it.


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