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August 22, 2019

My new Endeavor

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What up what up? So, I know it has been a while since my last post. I have been thinking, working, procrastinating, contemplating, procrastinating a little more and maybe just being lazy. Finally I’m am here, and will be here foreverrerrrr. (Did ya get it? The sandlot!)

Last week while on our trip to Charlotte, NC for our 10yr wedding anniversary getaway (without our kids). My wife and I were finally able to have some really deep conversations without any interruptions. After pushing her to just put her new website out there Alaina, she pushed me to make my announcement with what I want to do in my journey in life.

Below is the actual tweet I sent out. It was so freeing and a huge weight off my shoulders. For now it is more of an accountability factor, since I have a lot of leg work to get this up and going. For now, I will work with my life coach to help me get aligned in my life so that I’m fully ready to help you. Help you deal with life after a loss, deal with grief, maybe just deal with plain old life itself. I want to help you, and give you the advice I didn’t get in my younger years.

Make sure to enter your email at the top of the page on my site, so that you will be notified when my new site is up and I’m ready to guide through grief and really show you goodgrievings

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