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May 20, 2019

Spirit talks to me

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I have had some conversations recently with some cool peeps. These people have confirmed for me that what goes on in my world and what goes on in the spirit world is real. It’s not just my mind playing tricks. I do believe that there aren’t any coincidences, and that there is a reason for absolutely everything. I used to analyze why things happened, and say that this happened cause of this. I mean I still do but I don’t over analyze. I have become more open to a lot. I have become more patient with a lot of situations, therefor letting them play out.

For example: at work I lost a couple of employees. I’m like ok now I have to hire some people. Within the last week 2 people have contacted me that already work at others stores. They want to come to my store and work. It just happened like that. It took no effort on my part.

I tweeted the other day on how at the festival we went to, a person on staff gave us food passes and we wound up paying $6 bucks for dinner that night. Things are starting to fall into place little by little. Now it’s time to put more focus on my passion.

My passion is making others feeling comforted. Making others feel the way I feel about grief.

Making others feel how I feel each day, knowing that the struggle is real, but you don’t have to let the struggle get the best of you. My mom isn’t here with me yes, I struggle with that shit everyday. But I don’t let it get the best of me. Time does heal, but the pain never fades

I stumbled upon a video the other day of a little girl who was very sick and was surrounding by her family. They were all there knowing she was going to pass on. I cried like a baby. I haven’t cried like that since my mom died. You are probably asking why I watched the video? I have no clue, I feel like I was meant to, because I found myself saying that I was so angry with my mom for not being here.

By me telling myself that, made me realize that I still grieve over my mom. The pain never fades. Everything happens for a reason. The reason is that I need to let go and stop sweeping the past under the rug. Stop sweeping the shit I need to face under the rug so I can Live My Passion!

Spirit does talk to me. Here is my most recent experience I had was a few weeks ago.

psychic medium, spiritual, afterlife communicate with deceased loved ones

My mother in law had been sick for a couple weeks, so my wife had to take her to the doctor and get a prescription for her. In the midst of doing all that she had to get the kids and get grocery’s and all that good stuff, She went on to tell me that while driving she was starting to get angry that her dad wasn’t here. She said that it should be him that was running around town for his wife to do this, but he couldn’t obviously cause he passed away.

My wife was really upset and angry while telling me this story. I let her keep talking even though as soon as she originally said “This should have been him running around for her”. I heard very clearly in my ear him saying “TELL HER I’M SORRY”. I let my wife finish talking and I told her that while she was talking about her dad he told me to to tell you that he is sorry.

This wasn’t the only time I have heard whispers in my ear. Just a few weeks ago, my wife and I were in the car driving and I said something to my wife and I heard very faintly “GOOD JOB SON”.

He would always say that to me when he was with us. He would always greet me with a hug and a “Hello Son”. Man I miss him, he was the glue that kept us together. As I wrote plenty of times before.

EDDIE is always with me wherever I go. He’s always in the car when I drive to work. He is always in the closet in our master bedroom. Shit, he is next to me right now smiling cause I’m writing about him. I finally realized that he try’s to mess with me throughout the day.

My passion and my purpose will come through one fine day.

I just listened to A Jay Shetty Podcast. He said “your passion is what makes you happy, your passion becomes your purpose when you use it to serve others.

Makes ya think, doesn’t it. What’s your passion?

  1. Jan says:

    Grief can come as sadness, or as depression. Sometimes it’s simply the realization that I’m where I am without someone who would find great joy in being with me.

    I love the interactive emotions that come when we realize it’s okay to feel grief, and let it surround us with the love we shared. There’s a happiness in knowing that we only grieve those who deeply loved us, and whom we deeply loved. For without love, there is no grief.

    God bless you in your journey, Tom. This post was revealing.

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