Surviving Flo

Its been a while my friends. I started a new position at my job and it has been an adjustment. I really am loving it it though.

I was driving to work this morning and on the radio they were talking about the Hurricane that hit us exactly 6 months ago today. I said to myself, WOW that went by fast! Of course it made me think of everything that went on the week leading up to the storm and the weeks after.  I thought about all the emotions I had during this time. The anxiousness, the sadness, the not knowing, the what if, The fuck, my house may not be here when we get back…..  What an experience!  The Hurricane.

I learned so much from this event, I hurt the people I love because of the feelings I had.  I was selfish and stubborn, I secluded myself. It was nothing I have ever felt before. Through all the counseling I have been through, you would have thought something from that would have helped me. It was like the whole situation consumed me and there was no going back. I thought the worst even though I preach being positive.  This Storm (Florence) made me a better person. It made me realize that everything we have can be replaced, family and my loved ones cant. I wish I handled the storm better, I wish I just took an extra minute or two and just thought about what was in front of me.  Although FLO knocked me out in the beginning, I’m a better man today because of her. I know now what I was like and I will never want to go back there.

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