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February 22, 2019

Memories of being a child

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My youngest daughter asked the other night at dinner..
“Mama, Daddy, do you like being an adult?”

It made us both think. Of course we both answered yes, but deep down I miss being a kid. My daughter then said, “I don’t want to be an adult, cause you have to work and pay bills and can’t play much”. My wife and I just giggled, and said yup!

One question for you to ask/ answer. Can an adult grieve being a kid?

I sure think so. It may sound funny but I miss it most when it snows in other places that we either lived in or know people that live there. Growing up in New Jersey we had a lot of snow. I would get all excited to shovel and make the mounds of snow. The snow ball fights, the snow angels. I also didn’t mind driving in it. Sounds crazy I know, maybe it has something to do with my interest in weather overall. When I was a kid I wanted to go to school and study meteorology. You know that blogging from paradise guy right? My cousin Ryan. He actually studied it in college. He interned at a NJ news station. Maybe that was what interested me in it more.

It snowed here in NC last year, we got 4 in over night. It was something my oldest daughter dreamt of and it happened. She was overjoyed and wanted to play in it all day. I lived vicariously through her since I couldn’t play with them cause of work. Missing being a kid is something some adults grieve. Keeping the memories of being a kid just makes me smile. Reminiscing over stories with our kids helps me bring me back to those days. Running around playing games, getting called home when the street light comes on is what I did as a kid.

Good grievings- taking not only the memories of your loved ones with you, but also taking the memories you have made from being a kid and growing up with you to make your heart and soul happy.

my sweet daughters experiencing their first snow

  1. I remember a kid with a Notre Dame sweatshirt and scuffed penny loafers, sliding around the driveway, shooting hoops.

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