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November 7, 2018


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Everyone for the most part hates change, right? Or maybe it is just me? I don’t know how others think, but a lot of the time I think others know what I’m thinking. As if those people are in my head at that exact time. I love this blog! I feel it has reached others and has helped others know they aren’t alone. Honestly ever since I have been on the @soulgabashjazz podcast, I have connected with so many more awesome souls. Which in return makes my soul happier. For some reason though, there is a void. No, the void isn’t related to death. It’s something in me, something I need to get filled. There is more out there for me and I don’t know 1. What it exactly is and 2. What direction to go in.

I was just on Twitter tweeting random thoughts. Now here I am randomly writing to who ever is gonna read this. (I tend to overthink about writing topics) Random huh? There is no direction with this #randomness (is that a word) Shit, it’s my blog so I can be random.

I wish I was more random in my life. We were out earlier and took the girls to the park. My wife made a good point and said why can’t you just live in the moment?

Live in the moment? I thought, I do need to start. I’m always planning our/my next move. I should have just enjoyed the time at the park more, instead of knowing what we were gonna do next. Then I thought, maybe it has something to do with losing my mom the way I did. Like I don’t want to miss out on the next thing we do, cause life is short. I had an awesome time at the park though, even though it didn’t show it. I love that my girls call me for help, especially when my little one was climbing. We then went to eat and get frozen yogurt. Then off to our happy place for an awesome sunset.

I’m going to start living more in the moment.

Sooner than later my girls won’t be asking for help to climb things at the park, they won’t be wanting me to always be there. Heck my oldest sometimes doesn’t want me to lay in bed with her before she sleeps anymore. (We sing songs and talk about our day) I’ll always be there to help them. I have told them both especially when they are older that Daddy will always be there, even if it’s 3am. (Lets hope it isn’t though haha).

Im off to bed again, gotta be up in 4hrs. The only reason I woke was cause my little one woke up crying. Maybe it was a good thing, it got me blogging. I didn’t have to overthink what my next topic would be. Right Ashley @randomobservationswithash @loveashleytay

From this evening venture!

Cheers, -T

  1. B. Taylor says:

    I’ll always value your messages sir.

  2. Random is good T; letting thoughts flow as they flow helps increase your flexibility.

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