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August 31, 2018

Quick thoughts

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balance positivity anxietyNot everyone can be super positive and upbeat each day.  There are days when I am feeling anxious, there are days when I feel down. If you follow me on twitter you may see me sending positive vibes and cheering others on.  You may see my feed and say to yourself, “wow this guy has got it together”  For the most part I do, and I love the connections I have made on social media. There are some days I just need to step back and let the day unfold.  If any specific day has me down, I have learned to tell myself that tomorrow is a new day.

With today being National Grief Awareness Day I wanted to thank those of you who signed the petition that I shared on Twitter. This petition was put out by Ms, Angie Cartwright in hopes that our government would recognize this day each year. I loved what she said on the site that I’m about to share.   “silent grief, can become deadly grief”  I also wanted to mention that in the past week I have been seeing grief being talked about more and more.  Grief is not something that should be put to the side.  Grief is real and the more we talk about it, the more others who have lost loved ones will realize they aren’t alone in the process

Speaking about grief, can you grieve someone who is still with you? Think about that for a second. I have been thinking about that all week. You see my oldest daughter started kindergarten this week.  When I was driving her to school I thought about giving her, her first bath in the hospital when she was born, and my eyes welled up with tears.  So, the answer is YES! You can grieve someone that is still with you. I have been grieving that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Everyone may interpret this differently since everyone grieves differently and at their own pace. My point is that you/we need to recognize it and speak about it no matter what. Thank you for reading my random thoughts about my week. live,laugh,love



  1. Sara says:

    Thank you Thomas for an insightful and thought provoking post.

    When your child reaches a milestone it can be bitter sweet. You feel a sense of accomplishment as their parent and shower the child with accolades. The childs focus is always on the future. However, you grapple ( grieve ) the loss of a chapter of early childhood. You look forward to the next milestone they achieve and are ready to help guide them. But, your conflicted.

    The same way your conflicted when you suffer a loss.
    Do I dwell on the past or the future ?

    That’s the challenge you face when you open your heart to love.

  2. Yes cuz; we can definitely grieve people who are still with you. Missing those kid milestones feels sad. I feel this a bit and I am just an uncle, albeit, helping raise Leah quite a bit.

    I sometimes grieve relationships that never blossomed as I wanted them to. But I also see that grieving loss helped me open up to other bonds that grew into something special. This has happened with both fam and friends for me. Lovely post. Hug the kids for us 🙂

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