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July 20, 2018

It’s a beach day

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There is nothing like the Jersey Shore!! The beach/boardwalk/food… ya get it. As I sit here just relaxing with some Zach Brown on and my toes in the sand, I can’t but help to think how it would be with my mom here with us. Growing up I hated the beach. I would always need an umbrella and things to keep me occupied for the day. My Mom would have to drag me with her. For some reason I kept going, probably because when I was younger I didn’t have a choice. As I got older I kept going, maybe it was meant for me to keep going since life was gonna throw me that curve ball when my mom passed.

Here we are today, I am at my place of Zen relaxing. My kids are having a blast, playing in the water and sand (nothing like how I was). I sit here knowing my mom is watching us and the girls enjoy the hell out of the Jersey Shore. She would be so happy being around her grandkids. But I know now that it was all meant to be like this. It was meant for me to be so happy even after all the tragedy and pain I had to go through. As you all know now, I’m defiantly ok with and have accepted it.

I’m gonna enjoy these last couple days of our trip and soak up some sun! I’m gonna drink some beers and eat some delicious food.

I’m gonna embrace my life as I know it and keep on living my life, but also continue to keep the memories of my Mom with me and know that she is always with my family wherever we go.

Till next time,


  1. Soul Gifts says:

    I just had a read of your post telling about all your losses. You have had more than your fair share of them in such a short life! Your attitude and resilience, joy of life, and willingness to share your learnings is great. thank you, Tom for the follow of my blog. Good grievings is a great name for this blog of yours.

    • tbiddulph says:

      Thank you again! I have came a long way to get where I am today! The pain is still there but I have excepted the fact that this is how my life it and i am hoping others can learn to except it. 😃

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