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July 18, 2018

Visiting the cemetery with my 3 year old daughter.

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So, I went to the cemetery yesterday with just my youngest. I was gonna bring flowers, then thought it’s to hot and they will die quick. Instead with both picked some small wild flowers growing in the grass and put them on the headstone. I started to explain to my 3yr about the whole process of why people go to cemeteries. She was just asking but why dada, but why? I told her that my mommie and sister are in the ground below us. She proceeds to start playing in the grass trying to see the dirt. Now some of you may see this as strange for me to explain to a 3 yr old about the whole process, but it’s really amazing how interested she was about it. She’s at the age that she wants to know things. Whether she understands or not, it will at least sink in one day.

We went about our visit of putting the flowers on the head stone and me showing her and telling her what names are on the headstone. We both sang “you are my sunshine”. I asked her if she wants to sing or say anything else and she proceeded to say “yes, I wanna sing God our father”. This was a prayer that she and her sister said during school before their day started. She went on to sing and of course had me tearing up. She went on putting more flowers on the headstone because they started blowing away in the wind. We said our good byes and got in the car. It was an experience in itself. I believe she at least knows that they are in heaven because she always reminds me when we talk about my mom and sister. Happy smiling, your loved ones are always with you.

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  1. Smart as whips, your little ones are T. It was so much fun seeing the whole family. Sharing what a cemetery is and the process also helps her see and begin to understand what is going on, whenever these ideas sink in a little more. In the West we tend to shelter kids from the truth whereas in a place like Thailand, death is seen for what it is and shared freely: it is a natural process none of us can avoid. Even though of course we feel pain, grief and loss as we accept the death of those we love.

    Love and hugs cuzzo; looking forward to seeing the fam again soon.


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