Loving spirit

Happy Sunday to all you beautiful souls. Today I have another story about a spirit that wasn’t ready to leave this earth. Is anyone ever ready to leave this earth when they die? When my mom passed away my sister and I were teenagers. If you asked me about how the day went down when my Mom passed I could tell you as if it happened yesterday.

My sister and I had friends at the house that same night. We may have been playing a game or just bullshitting. It was maybe 9pm and a phone started to ring. It was coming from under my moms radio where she had ALL of her CDs. My mom loved her music, so you can imagine how many where there. We all didn’t know where the phone was in that area but we found it. By the time we found the phone it had stopped ringing. When my sister picked it up the phone was off!!!! We were astonished, how can it ring being off? Guess it was one of the ways my mom was saying she was still around.

Now remember I didn’t start sensing spirit till about 15 years after my mom so I didn’t even thing anything of it. Just the fact that we all felt my mom wasn’t ready to leave us. She had so much more to live for. I often wonder how it would be with her here. Like, would my sister have passed too? How would my kids be with her? That night we all went to sleep. My parents had a wedding picture on there bedroom wall. It was on the wall when my dad fell asleep. When he woke up, he was holding it in his arms. All these to me now are Goodgrievings.

Continue keeping your loved ones memories with you everywhere they go.

Live, love, laugh, learn



My fuel to keep going

What’s up ya’ll 😉. Since being in the south I hear it all the time. I say it as a joke because others still crack a joke at the way I say Water. I’m from NJ, You can’t take that outta me so fagettaboutit. So I’m here today to talk about the fuel that keeps me going everyday. The fuel at work, at home, this blog and everyday life. You all know the main fuel that keeps me going is my loving wife and 2 sweet kids. What also keeps me going is the feedback I get from this blog. Both negative and positive. The compliments I get at work, and of course my mom.

Like I previously stated I have gotten negative feedback from this blog. It fuels me because the people that have read my blog and maybe don’t care for it which is fine. I hold hope that one day it may turn them, and something I write may catch their eye or relate to them The positive aspect is obvious. It’s the ones who are in the same wave length as me and are thinking positive and trying to get their word out.

The work side of it comes from the place I’m in. I’m looked at as a high ranking employee in almost everything I do. I am a people person so I meet and talk to great people everyday. My boss is a great guy who is always giving fast feedback to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You are probably asking yourself how can my mom still fuel me to keep going. My mom is always watching over me. She keeps me going cause I try to live my life through her. Not all the time but enough. I sometimes ask myself, what would my mom do. Sometimes I tend to over think things, like a project I have to do. When I start to do that specific project, it’s like I knew what I had to do the whole time. You tell me that my mom isn’t helping me out.😎 It may be tough to believe it if you don’t believe in that kinda stuff (sensing spirit or loved ones always with you) but trust me its true. Read my last post (life and death) and you ll see 😉

Night Ya’ll



Life and Death

2 years ago today my God sister left this world. A strong willed, kind hearted soul. The days leading up to her passing were kinda out of sorts for me. It was tough since I was out in Arizona at the time and they were in New Jersey. I really didn’t know how good or bad she was until 13 days before she passed. I hadn’t spoke to my godmother in a few days so I didn’t know what was going on.

The night of February 7th I had an unsettling night a sleep. I felt that something was off and I had a hunch it is was Amanda. Going back to the (sensing spirit post) you already know my Father law is around a lot. Well I woke up and felt him standing in the bathroom area which was on the opposite side of the room from where I slept (he was almost always in that spot). He was there and very colorful. They say spirits are colorful once they have passed on and are in a happy place. In the doorway to our room was another presence I but couldn’t tell who it was since it was dull and grey. My father in law knew I could sense spirit, maybe he brought the presence to me to help. I tried to get back to sleep and I must have nodded off and while sleeping I heard what sounded like the voice of the tram car down on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk that said it will be 15 days! (The tram car on The BW says “watch the tram car please”). So, I’m up again and I am saying WTF will be 15 days?

The next morning I wake up and texted my godmother to check in and told her about my night, That it was unsettling but not anything else. She went on to say that Manda was admitted to the hospital because she was having complications and so on. I then asked her when she had gone in and she said February 5th. I was like Holy 🤬. Everything that happened the night before was falling into place. The presence in the doorway had to be Amanda. I contacted a medium to get clarity on how a presence could be a presence if they haven’t passed on. I was told that someone who is in the process of crossing over can be a spirit presence, but they can be very dark or grey. I was like holy 🤬 again. So now the “the tram car voice” that said “15 days” had to mean she was gonna pass on February 20th.

That night I woke up again and both presences were in the same place in the bathroom and in the doorway. Every night after that my father in law was around but the other presence which I assumed was Amanda wasn’t. All I could unfortunately do was countdown the days to the 20th. I didn’t know if the “15 days” was true, since I’m not a medium…. The days went on and I spoke to another medium through FB and asked a question about Amanda. She mentioned in her answer that when spirit isn’t ready to cross over they are probably holding onto something. They don’t wanna let go, just like we don’t wanna let go. She told me to say a prayer to her saying it was ok to let go and that we will all be ok. I can’t remember what night I said that prayer, but on the mid afternoon day on February, 20th 2016 Amanda passed away. She left us all empty inside asking why her?

I flew to NJ for the funeral, still being the only one besides my wife to know what had happened to me the past week. I couldn’t possibly tell this story to my godparents this soon. So I waited since we had a planned family vacation in July of the same year. I told my godmother the story of how it unfolded. She was then one of the few that new my heightened sense of spiritually. I finally felt free as if a weight was lifted off of me. Since then I felt Amanda around often, just watching out for us and making sure we are on the right track. It’s comforting to me to know I have spirits watching over me and my family.



“Make life count”

On this 18th anniversary of the passing of my mother I have come to say “make your life count” Dealing with loss is just brutal. February is and always will be the toughest month to go through. I have grown to accept it, but for a long time I would sulk and be depressed. My moms birthday was last Saturday and her anniversary today. Not only that but 2 years ago on February 20th the world lost the most courageous person I know my god sister Amanda. So as you can see I have plenty of reason to go sit in the corner and be upset, but I choose to live my life through them and make my life count.

I have received a lot of feedback from this blog. Most said it wasn’t for them, another person said “it’s depressing as shit”. I get it, for most people it can be depressing, but this is how I express myself. If it helps just one person then I have done what I came here to do. I see what people read and I often wonder if it’s the same person coming back to check out Good Grievings 😉

My inspiration for the post today is from Tommie Harris. Former Chicago Bears football player. He lost his wife 41 days after being married. Man, I can’t imagine that! He is making his life count and helping others. He could have turned to drinking and drugs, but took the high road and is speaking about it. He says and I quote “death is a thing that happens in life, it’s not a thing that happens to life” (think about that for a minute). That’s deep!

My friends and hopefully return readers. “Make your life count” and try not to be upset for your loved ones are always with (check out my sensing spirit post 😉). As Tommy Harris says “WE CAN ENDOUR THIS”. Watch his video below and really think about what he is saying. You can tell how passionate he is about spreading his word and how he lives his life through his wife. Thank you Tommie for sharing.