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August 27, 2017

My mom part deux

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It really sucks that my mom isn’t here. As I get older it seems to effect me more. I don’t have her to turn to for Adult advice.  I mean she hasn’t been here for almost 18 years, and you would think I would have needed her more when I was younger.   Maybe it’s cause my kids are getting older and now starting school….  maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older and I don’t have her to talk to about random shit.  Maybe it’s because she isn’t here to say “ya done good son” even though I know she is saying it. But hearing it and thinking it, is two totally different things.

My mom isn’t physically here, but she’s here with me.

I always remember her from a picture I took of her in her uniform (911 dispatcher ) standing in the door way of her room mid conversation haha.  That made me smile!!   I miss my mom and I feel for those you have lost a parent no matter what age you are. It still sucks, I’m here for you and I always feel a connection even if I don’t know you. I started this blog to help myself grieve and also try to reach others who are grieving.  I also feel like I would like to be a grief counselor of some sort…. I don’t know, maybe I’m just meant to write this blog and tell stories of how I grieve and how I sense spirit.   What do think?

There is one that really bothers me about not having my mom here on earth.  It’s when someone talks negatively about their mother.  I get it, some don’t have good relationships with their mothers, and some don’t talk to their mothers at all.  The ones that do please be aware that some of us have had our mothers pass on and be respectful of that.  There was a time when someone said a “yo momma joke” to me and I took offense to it.  The person obviously didn’t know my mom had passed but it still really bothered me and I got defensive.  So please be respectful.

I have been following a blog recently who has  inspired  me to keep writing and telling my story, since it’s been a while since I wrote.  I suggest you follow her and read about how she grieves with the loss of her mom #grieftohope

Trust me you won’t be disappointed.   I ll leave you with this quote, since you know how much I love following @thegoodqoute


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