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June 28, 2017

Blogging is tough

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It’s me again, I’m back!! No one ever told me that blogging would be easy.  I mean I thought it would be since I’m writing about my life and all the crap I have been through, both good and bad.  Blogging is hard, it’s hard when you first start off. For the last couple of weeks I was thinking I ran out of things to blog about. Even though I was writing to help you, and myself it was bringing up those feelings. Sad, angry feelings.  It wasn’t that I was angry or sad but my mood seem to change.  It is probably because I’m digging up those feelings that I have and had from the loss of my mom and sister.   It’s ALL ok though.  It’s ok to feel it.  I had a convo with my cousin the other night, ya may know him. (The blogging from paradise guy) Ryan Himself.  He brought me down to earth and reiterated that it is all ok!!!!   Even with me writing and telling you it’s all ok, sometimes I have to be told the same thing.

Grieving is something we all have got to deal with.  17 years and now 8 years today after my mom and sister died I’m still grieving in a way.  So I’m back to continue to tell you ITS ALL OK.   I have a heavy heart today.  Today marks the day 8 years ago that I lost my little sister to a heart attack.  Who would have ever thought at 25 something could happen to someone  that young.  Unfortunately it did and it’s a part of life. It’s the hand I was dealt.  So I ll truck on with my day knowing she is at peace and smiling down on me. I know she is proud of me for what I have accomplished and have done with my life so far. I ll take all these good grievings with me today, her memories her crazy self and awesome smile and know that she is always with me.

So my friends, take the memories of your lost loved ones with you everyday. They will help to get through the tough times. Focus on them and smile when you remember the good times. That’s what I will be doing today and everyday.  It’s the easy way to make you remember all the fun you had together.  Smile on and live laugh love


  1. Hugs and love to you T, to the fam and to your sister too as she is here with us. Blogging is a skill; like being a pro ball player, or working any skill job – managerial job, entrepreneur, firefighter – it takes time to learn the skills, practice the skills every day, or 5 days a week, and to become skilled and connected enough to start reaping that sweet azz traffic and, that chedda baby.

    You are on your way. Keep your true blogging intent – helping people grieve – at the front of your mind, and you will care less and less about stats/outcomes/results.

    Thanks for the free plug too 🙂


    • tbiddulph says:

      Appreciate you Cuz. You are absolutely correct. Your advice is much appreciated. Love you bro

  2. Anonymous says:

    😁very true

  3. benkilloy says:

    Tim I just read an article about this blogging no man land we must walk through without seeing the end in sight. I find that when we feel at our worst blogging that is when the best message comes through.

    When we are at rock bottom, that is when its easiest to stand back up and be better than ever. Only when we let go of our blogging fears and detach from the outcome like Ryan says a lot can we spring forward through the desert without worry of worry food, but we have the faith that the reward on the other side is worth it.

    I am reading Think and Grow rich right now and it talks about Faith being a fundamental part of any one success. We have to believe more than anyone that we will success.

    I love the quote that if we think we can or we think we can’t .. both are right.

    Also if you doubt that this is where you need to be in life, know that your life has taken this path for a reason and we always just might be that one pivot away from the success.

    Life has a funny way of teaching us things that don’t full make sense in the moment they happen.

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