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June 2, 2017

Signs from above 

Posted in: Good Grievings

I wanted to share a part of my day from yesterday. Signs from your loved ones are all around you. I notice them often and I don’t believe in coincidence. In one of my recent posts about MY MOM I mentioned dimes being a sign I see all the time in random places. I was at the beach last weekend and a small little butterfly flew right passed me while I was in the ocean. I mean come on, I rarely see a butterfly in the ocean. These signs are around to let you know your loved ones are watching and are with you.

Yesterday at work was a rare 3 for 3 sign day.

I started at a new store a few days ago as I work In retail. I found a shirt still in plastic that had the name of my company on it. These shirts we can order for us to where and are free to us. Anyway, the size shirt was my size and earlier in the day I was saying to myself “I need to order some new shirts” later on that day I was helping a customer and there was a password that came up that I had to enter to move forward. In that password my moms initials CB and my sister initials KT for Katie where apart of the the PW. They were right after each other. I didn’t realize it at first but read it again and a smile came to my face. The last sign was later that night a girl walked into the store. I saw her a few times walking around the store but didn’t notice until she checked out that she resembled my god sister (I talk about her in my last post (living my life). The girl’s face was similar and had the same piercing on her face as my Godsister did.

Signs are everywhere. Open up yourself and notice them.

They are around you for a reason. Another sign of good grievings! Take those memories of your loved ones with you all the time. Keep smiling 😃

Until next time live laugh love


  1. Your comment stalker is back 😉

    Way cool T.By being open and feeling whatever feelings are there, you tune in to this stuff more regularly. Then you see “this stuff” is really the presence of loved ones, who are always around and whom you noticed more when you see the good and benefits of grieving.

    Interesting too; even though my mom is still here in bodily form she has progressed as you know over the past 6-8 months. Accepting this fact that has opened me up, and now more than ever I come across travel bloggers covering Romania (like daily, almost) and also travel bloggers covering Germany, her heritage via my grandparents. These aspects of her life, her personality, her background and my experiences with her play again and again online and offline, which is fascinating to see. She’s always around but in a new way now.

    Thanks for sharing, as always.


    • tbiddulph says:

      Life always prepares you for the unexpected bro. If you aren’t open to what is in store for you the world can be such a harder place to be in.

      Thank you for your support brother


  2. AJ says:


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