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May 20, 2017

The out of no where spiritual experience 

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Everyone has seen those shows with Theresa Caputo (Long Island medium) I totally believe in their whole life and what they do for others. I have done a session with a psychic medium and also one through Skype. 90 percent of what they said and or told me was true.

My father in law passed away in March of 2014 of cancer…  It left us devastated. The things that happened after he died is really what got me thinking of starting this blog.  Things that I never experienced before in my life. Things that may have been with me all these years but I didn’t know until he died.  It’s like he brought these experiences to me.   These experiences I’m talking about are the ability to sense spirits.  One experience I had was with the medium that I mentioned earlier.  She gave us all a reading, my dad-mother in law-my wife and I.  We were wrapping it up and I mentioned the fact that I can sense spirit. She automatically said yes I can sense you sense spirit.  She went on to ask if I felt that anyone was around now. I said yes, someone is standing behind you, without a blink she said “yes, that’s my dad, He is with me at every reading”. Talk about Chills!!

you are not aloneI really didn’t think it could be possible for this to be. I read on forums and found out that everyone has the ability to sense spirit, some are more heightened than others.  So, I was like cool, I can sense spirit. Now, where are you spirit? Just kidding it doesn’t work like that. It takes a lot of practice and patience to do what all the mediums do. I am by far no medium….. I sometimes thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but it wasn’t. I had the “the out of no where experience” one morning that gives me chills now that I write about it.  I have always sensed Eddie (FIL) around ever since he died, even to this day and as I sit and write.

I woke up one morning to get ready for work.  I went out into the kitchen and felt this abundance of energy and I said to myself “what the hell is that”?  I walked toward the kitchen table and it was as if Eddie was sitting at the kitchen table just hanging. I mean it actually wasn’t him but it was something that felt like him. He was sitting there still. They say you remember your loved ones as happy as can be.   I remember Eddie sitting at the table just like he was in the picture we put in the paper for his obituary. I said to him. “Oh, you are here”? And he just nodded. I said,” are you here to watch over Alaina”? He again just nodded. You see Alaina (my wife) was pregnant with our second child at the time and due any day. So I went on thinking to myself, is this really happening? Am I taking to Eddie? even though it wasn’t the Eddie on earth.  Yes, yes I was.  I finally said to him, “ok, I have to leave for work now” and he just nodded.

As I walked away from the kitchen the energy faded, but that experience is something I will never forget. You see folks, all these experiences that have happened have helped me. Now that I think about it, it was all a way to help me grieve. It was for Eddie to let me know he was and is always around to watch over us. These are all good grievings my friends (hence the name of the site).  Keeping the memories of your loved ones alive is the first step in the right direction. #liveyourdash #lifegoeson #lifestillgoeson


  1. Hi T,

    You are stepping into a world few see and even fewer open up to. Brilliant how life changes for us when we live in dimensions not totally reliant on our physical senses. The thing is, that dimension – the spirit world – is just as real as this one.

    Thanks as always for the share 🙂


    • tbiddulph says:

      Exactly Ryan, most people believe that this world is for just us humans. This is not true even though there are many skeptics. Thank you for the comment cuz. Love ya man

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